Walter E. Olson Memorial Library

203 N. Main Street (715) 479-8070

Our Mission

The Walter E. Olson Memorial Library is organized to assemble, preserve, and administer an organized collection of books and other materials.  Such a collection aids in the communication of ideas and promotes an enlightened citizenry and enriches their lives.  The aim of the library is to serve the community as a center of reliable information and to provide a place where inquiring minds may meet original and often critical ideas that are essential stimulants to life in a society that depends for endurance on the free exchange and competition of ideas.  And, finally, the Library is the logical center for encouraging children, young people, and adults to educate themselves continuously, and for affording them an opportunity to do so.

Walter E. Olson Memorial Library serves a registered borrower population of 5,257 and a service population of approximately 9,600.  The collection includes popular books, magazines, newspapers, videos on DVD & Blu-ray, audiobooks on cassette, CD & MP3-CD and music CD's. 

The Walter E. Olson Memorial Library is established under Chapter 43.53 of the Wisconsin Statutes as a joint library and is governed by the Walter E. Olson Memorial Library Board of Trustees.  The Walter Olson Library Friends (W.O.L.F) and the Walter E. Olson Memorial Library Foundation provide additional funding and programming support for WEOML.

WEOML is a member of the Merlin Consortium, along with more than two dozen libraries in Northern Wisconsin serviced by Northern Waters Library Service (NWLS).

The Library Administrator of our joint library is required to hold a grade I certificate.  Educational requirements for this certification must be from a library school program accredited by the American Library Association.


The soul of a community is on display at it's library.

When you come through our doors we want you to feel at home, to know that you are not an interruption of our work; you are a pleasant diversion from our work.

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