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Job Title: Library Director

Job Summary: The library director is the executive officer reporting to the library board, responsible for the supervision of all functions and personnel associated with delivery of library services to the residents of the joint library community and the to the extended library service area.  The library director is responsible for the operations of the library and the development and implementation of its service program. The library director hires and supervises all assistants, substitutes, and volunteers who work in the library.

Principal responsibilities:

Administrative Services

    1. Develop library policies in consultation with Library Board and creates procedures for implementation.
    2. Assist with development of library’s annual budget for board discussion and approval. Participate in presentation of the adopted budget to local officials.
    3. Receive and expend library funds according to established guidelines and maintain accurate and up-to-date records showing the status of library finances.
    4. Recruit, select, and hire library staff in conformity with library policy and state and federal law. Supervise library staff and volunteers and implements personnel policies established by the Library Board of Trustees. Provide training and development activities and fosters the professional growth and development of library staff.
    5. Provide administrative support to the Library Board of Trustees, including preparation of meeting agendas and necessary reports in cooperation with the library board president and notify board members of scheduled meetings. Inform and advise the library board as to local, regional, state, and national developments in the library field, and maintain communication with other area libraries, Merlin Consortium and the Northern Waters Library System.
    6. Prepare state annual report for review and approval by the library board.

Public Services and Advocacy

  1. Develop and administer the library’s overall public relations plan. Prepare press releases, make presentations to community groups, promotes events, and update the library’s website and social media accounts.
  2. Work at circulation desk and provide backup for all library positions.
  3. Collaborate with area schools, organizations and individuals to promote responsive library service and encourage library use.
  4. Prepare grant applications, when grant opportunities are offered, in order to supplement local funding of library operations and development.
  5. Maintain records showing all programs offered and number of attendees at each program.
  6. Provide basic technical support including computer and program troubleshooting and website development and management. Work with system IT staff to maintain and improve network. Evaluate current and emerging technologies and their application in the library setting.
  7. Conduct ongoing evaluations of existing library programs, services, policies, and procedures, and submit recommendations for improvements to the library board.

Collection Development and Technical Services

  1. Select or direct the selection of materials for all media and all age groups, based on the library's approved collection development policy.
  2. Catalog and classify library materials according to accepted standards and maintain the public catalog.
  3. Process materials to provide appeal, protection, and control.
  4. Develop and maintain a regular weeding schedule.
  5. Periodically review the collection development policy and make recommendations to the library board for revisions.
  6. Oversee the shelving and organization of materials.
  7. Oversee preparation and distribution of overdue notices to users with overdue or lost materials.
  8. Maintain an accurate and up-to-date database of user registrations and activities, including information adequate to support reimbursement requests for nonresident borrowing.

Facilities Management

  1. Oversee care and maintenance of the library building and grounds.
  2. Oversee the work of custodial staff.
  3. Regularly review building needs and advise the board in its planning for future expansion or development. (See AE 22: Library Building Accessibility and AE 23: Facilities Management)
  4. Assess the adequacy of existing facilities regarding the provision of automated services.

Education, Experience and Certification

  1. Eligible for Grade 1 Wisconsin Public Librarian Certification (See PI 6.03(2) Wis. Admin. Code).
  2. Three years of experience in supervision and/or administration in a public agency, preferably a library setting.

 Essential Functions and Knowledge

  1. Excellent leadership skills.
  2. Excellent communication (oral and written) and interpersonal skills.
  3. Ability to work with library trustees, elected officials, Walter E. Olson Memorial Library Foundation members and community organizations and groups.
  4. Commitment to the mission and philosophy of public library service and the concept of the library as a community center.
  5. Ability to supervise and motivate staff and volunteers
  6. Ability to work hours and assignments as required by the library board.

Working Conditions:

Some additional evening and weekend hours are required as necessary.  Occasional overnight, out-of-town travel required. Valid Wisconsin Driver’s License required.

Physical requirements:

  1. This position requires standing, sitting, climbing and stooping

Approved by Board of Trustees January 2019

  1. This position may sometimes require objects to be lifted, carried, pushed, or pulled up to fifty (50) pounds (e.g. to retrieve books from outside book drop box, unload crates of interlibrary loan materials, accept delivery shipments of new library materials and supplies, pack and store materials for book sales, shovel snow and assist patrons with building evacuation in an emergency).
  1. Awkward movements such as balancing, kneeling, twisting, bending, or reaching may often be required.

For Prospective Library Trustees - Basic Information

  • Board meetings are held in the Library Conference Room on the third Wednesday of each month. Meetings are usually about one hour.
  • Term appointment is three years, unless you are filling out another trustee’s unfinished term
  • All Trustees are expected to serve on a committee. Some committees require more time commitment than others, based on the needs of the Library Board.
  • Appointment procedure: Town Chairs or City Mayor are the appointing authority, & appointments are made as soon as possible upon vacancies.
  • Library Trustees do not directly manage the library; the board sets policies and hires the director who manages the library.
  • More information, including Trustee Bylaws, can be found here.

Job Description

As a Library Trustee you will be expected to:

  • Attend and participate in meetings.
  • Prepare for meetings by reviewing materials.
  • Review and monitor the library’s budget and expenditures to ensure fiscal accountability.
  • Review and monitor plans and activities to ensure the library’s goals and mission are met
  • Hire, evaluate, advise, and support the library director.
  • Act as an advocate for the library, library funding, and library services in the municipality, county, and state.
  • Support basic library tenets such as Intellectual Freedom, Freedom to Read, Confidentiality of Patron Records, Library Bill of Rights, and the Public's Right to Information.
  • Participate in library activities and fundraisers.
  • Approach the work with a spirit of innovation, positivity, and respect for fellow trustees, the library director, and staff.

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